by Eufoteoria

Vibrations triple the force to write the doors to the verse/ Open the science, spoken word flowing calm but the fires violently burn/ Whoever notice the silent emotion of the ones who stand your closest/ Men with honour, few tears spill in the act of questionable changes/ Eclipsed and now the energy feels depleted, existing in the smiles of my children/ They grow fast but now there’s no recognition… only questions/ The where’s and whys a knock on the door is simple/ No love lost but a lesson learnt on the gift of responsibility/ Address the craft disciplined using my born styles, no money exchange but for the love/ Turn the table and exploit the favour, poison seeps from the curse of my voice/ The energy plays different, fear not on the night of the turning/ Don’t know what I speak but the voice is still forwarding instruction/ Never possessed, if self-proclaimed the God needs help/ Listen to the rhyme of your peers, the only real truth in their standing figure/ Off scale forever light, the skill is never measured/ Verse over sound, the path is simplistic/ Moon light unbutton the top loosen the tie kick back lost in the vibe/ These days the rum drips more often, faded with a problem/ Nobody is asking the questions, broken circles where the loop needs reconnecting/ No code in this testimony, just honesty… fuck it/ I need to still vacate the home, hung from the branch of love for 2 faces/ My neck broke a long time ago/ Sacrifice is the personal offering, no dolls just your own flesh burning/ Striking the chords instead of plucking the strings… no peace in frustrated actions/ Sensitivity held by the stance of discipline/ Break the glass in the sky and see the sharpe pains fall/ Do you feel it? Sacrifice is the personal offering, no dolls just your own flesh burning/ Fuck it…. Do you feel it? Sacrifice is the personal offering, no dolls just your own flesh burning/ 3 times in the verse to complete the story/ All there is are the places to set light send the message, be the signal/ Accommodated on Earth, brown vessel but who is watching colours?/ If you do then brother from another you blinded/ Ask yo’self who planted the first seed, that grew into a tree, strong arms to hang up black folk with?/ Let’s go back home, the boats here are waiting, scared of the past I guess so cos it’s me only here still sitting here patient/
Lucid 00:40
Synesthesia 03:41
Entity 00:39
Ayahuasca 03:02
Obscure 01:52
Terapia 03:39
Incubus 03:40
Mysteria 02:33


Export Label presents the newest release in the label’s catalogue – Expoet by Eufoteoria. It is the third album in the career of this Polish producer, who debuted at the beginning of 2011, immediately receiving recognition from the critics and following from the audience. It is with the audience in mind that we present this new album, Expoet.
The material consists of several compositions arranged on a ten-track album. The first track, entitled ‘Terapia’, was released six months ago as a part of GNs’ compilation Empty Shadows. Today this track, alongside other compositions and skits, contributes to the coherent sound of Expoet. Eufoteoria has invited two other artists to cooperate with him on this album: Technikal Development, a UK rapper published by a Berlin-based label Project Mooncircle, and Maed, Polish producer, co-author of the album Figures released by Export Label.

Mastering Eufoteoria
Artwork Paweł ‘Pablosz’ Wiśniewski
Translation Ola Górska

Export Label 2012


released August 5, 2012


all rights reserved



export label Poland

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