by Matthew Von

Terrain 02:22
counting the shades of white and the hues of green escaping the canopy leading to the mountains a thought invades the blank territory of my mind as the heavy rain falls on the wild gardens of my dreams preserved forever in two memories and several peripheries
Emerging 04:20
as the lights appea they drink down the tantalizing brightness of a thousand oceans of a thousand forests of a thousand solar spheres and reach out from down-under reach out to the plains of expanding horizons unmeasured latitudes limitless longitudes ignited by the sparks of the sun soft upon their eyelids infinite energy filtered through the leaves the splintering seconds in amber haze
Hypersense 03:22
air striking through rooted bones unmeasured land and uncollected ideas all waves receding wayfaring across any given space a flash of light steals the cold hollow of movement stopping the time for a fraction of a second drowning it to the purest contrast of washed-out skin-white and indigo shadows holding on to the glacial feel of a fluorescent space simulation of an infinite suspense the varied vibration running through edges fierce medley of tension vigorous anticipation being held in a lucid circle with no exit, and no entry
Tide change 00:41
a new migration without you even noticing
Ninth wave 03:58
a false epiphany aching to touch fantasy in the most surreal dreams galloping white-heads sing ballads of cursed kindness the plague of unfinished thoughts the imagery of twilight hours no nautical signs to follow and the heroine departing her illusions gathers all the marveled rays for a radiant vessel to carry across waters never again veering to a familiar shore
Skyline 03:07
airborne watching floating thoughts in a kabuki act of longing pierced by the peaking lights of midday a faint flavor of sweetness a prophet of the asphalt maze before the haunting flood of mirages holds his breath and embraces the strangeness of diving into caressing light into an infusion of joy and wonder
Stream 00:55
as the moon wanes count the branches of a tree ask the wisdoms of a leaf wait the passage of the stream submerge in its feel
Surface 04:08
suspended movement above the sea tight layers of transparent fusion separating the sky and the water a line unbreakable in its five fathoms deep as a luminous sleep you lead me there, careful, confident dark indigo waters licking the islands we trace its shattered thickets housing a million starlings i grow unaware of the clutch of your hand deep, dark, you push me and i inhale the tension of the still surface not able to delve into its lurid deep you hold me there not daring to let go
Rainfall 03:45
twenty seven summoned clouds as we become placed in our own existence
Undercurrent 03:27
beyond the woodlands past the shores of solemn secrets under the grains of sand shattered seashells stripped of their coral coats carbon sky black and silent ever-morphing lines places mapped in bird footprints the substance of thought departing in iridescent hues as the last exhalation follows a moon-bound flow


With the release of Floodlight we push the frontier and explore space trails in search of new sounds, opportunities and friends for life.

We’re proud that Matthew Von has decided to release his latest project Floodlight with Export Label. Never before have we had in our catalogue a release that would open the gates of blissful chill, deep meditation and unlimited imagination as much as the one we are presenting to you now. This wonderful, soulful music has been given lyric character thanks to Finnish poet Emilia Haukka, whose impressionist poems create alternate reality.

Still, engaging as her poetry is, the music is always in the foreground. Music from a far-off planet or a hidden paradise, where nature, in the form of birdsong, the sound of growing grass, a rolling stream, or sophisticated rainfall, is inseparable from the hypnotic, pulsating deep bass, counting down to the moment of full immersion in the perfect world designed by the author.

Floodlight is also our first attempt at transferring a release of ours onto vinyl. If you are interested in acquiring a vinyl record, you can let us know by taking part in the crowdfunding campaign at qrates.com.


Written by Matija Vojvodić aka Matthew Von
Mixed by Hrvoje Nikšić and Ksenija Ladić in Kramasonik Studio, Zagreb
Art direction by Hrvoje Hiršl
Poems written by Emilia Haukka
Album photo by Zach Reed
Text about album 7w5
Translation Ola Górska
Video VJ Matam

Export Label 2015


released June 22, 2015


all rights reserved



export label Poland

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